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Women's Studies

Program Overview

The Women's Studies program includes an interdisciplinary minor with a focus on gender and its role in society. Through a variety of disciplinary topics and representations, students who minor in Women's Studies acquire perspectives about the current status of women in the United States and worldwide. Such perspectives are vital for students to help them understand their own place in society and the world at large.

The mission of the Women's Studies Program is to provide students with the materials to critically examine constructions of gender in society. The Program is interdisciplinary, and includes perspectives on women's experiences and representations in history, art, literature, music, psychology, science, sociology, health, politics, and theology. In addition, students study theoretical and methodological approaches to feminist thought and gender scholarship.

In addition, the Women's Studies program hosts the Leadership program and the Leadership Minor. Students who participate in either offering will gain a greater understanding of themselves, a greater recognition of their commitment to others and a higher degree of initiative in undertaking projects. The knowledge gained through these leadership development opportunities will benefit the student in their chosen career field(s) as well as throughout their entire lives.


A minor in Women's Studies will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Women's roles, contributions, and status in social and cultural contexts
  • Women's contributions to history as well as current social/historical/political practices
  • Key figures and concepts in feminist study
  • Reading texts and images through the lens of gender

A minor in Leadership will demonstrate knowledge of:

  • Leadership qualities and how those qualities shape effective leaders
  • Leadership theories and practices
  • Leadership strategies and how those strategies impact group dynamics
  • Historical and modern-day leaders and how their influence affects local and global communities

In addition, minors will be able to:

  • Understand and be able to critically reflect on the behaviors and definition of leadership/leaders
  • Identify local and global community needs and take appropriate action
  • Understand how complex differences such as race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, religion, age and gender impact relationships and the building of leadership
  • Value diversity of opinions and perspectives and be able to promote cooperation, collaboration and team-building
  • Actively pursue and engage in leadership opportunities


Minor in Women's Studies

Required Courses

  • WS105 Introduction to Women's Studies (4)
  • WS395 Seminar in Women's Studies (4)

Students must choose three courses from the following:

  • ART239 The Feminine Aesthetic
  • ENG209 Women in Film
  • ENG239 Women's Literature: A Different Voice*
  • ENG315 Seminar in Literature and Cultural Context: Women and/of War*
  • ENG315 Seminar in Literature and Cultural Context: Contemporary Latina Writers*
  • HIS245 Women's History
  • JUS201 Women and the Criminal Justice System
  • JUS341 Women and the Law
  • MUS121 Women's Works: The Lives and Music of Female Composers
  • PE235 Women's Health
  • PHIL230 Women in Philosophy
  • SOC251 Sociology of the Family
  • SOC399 Special Topics in Sociology: Sociology of Women
  • WS255 Honor's Multidisciplinary Seminar: Multicultural Gender Studies
  • WS299/399 Special Topics in Women's Studies

Total: 18 credits

*A maximum of eight credits can be taken in literature.

Course Listing

Course Level: 1

Intro to Women's Studies*
Credit Hours: 4

Focusing on the roles of women in a cross-cultural context, this course introduces students to the discipline of women's studies and serves as a basis for more specialized courses. It treats such issues as women in the family, workplace, and community in a multidisciplinary context. Students will learn about various areas of social, psychological, economic, and cultural concerns to modern women. Satisfies Cluster 5 General Education requirement. 4crs.

Becoming a Leader*
Credit Hours: 1

Focuses on the development of leadership skills through the study and application of various leadership qualities. Students will practice as well as learn about leadership. Open to all students. Required for Leadership Program students and those students seeking a Leadership Minor. May be taken for no credit with permission of the Director of the Leadership Program. Outcomes: Student will have an appreciation for the qualities that make up an effective leader while starting to reflect and identify qualities of their own character. Assessment: Students will be assessed through direct measures such as evaluation of their work on reflective journals and scores on their final exam. Satisfies third-line, Cluster 1 General Education requirement when taken with two other 1-credit Communication courses.

Course Level: 2

Feminisms in Global Perspectives
Credit Hours: 4

This course will examine the diversity of women's experience within an economic, political, and social framework. Feminist issues and priorities World-wide will be examined. Geographical areas such as North Africa, Central America, and South-east Asia will be represented. 4crs.

Career Planning & Exploration*
Credit Hours: 1

Career Planning and Exploration - This course entails exploration of skills, values, interests and personality as they relate to making decisions about career path and academic major. Investigation of specific career opportunities will be included. A brief introduction will be given to launching a career and pursuing graduate/professional school. Target group: First and second year students who are undecided about major and/or career direction or those who want to affirm that they have made an appropriate choice.Satisfies third-line, Cluster 1 General Education requirement when taken with two other 1 credit Communication courses.

Leadership Dynamics
Credit Hours: 1

Through this course students will learn how to work with and lead individuals and groups. Students will learn strategies for team-building, coaching, mentoring and motivating others to succeed.

Applied Leadership
Credit Hours: 1

Students will explore various examples of leadership through history, film, literature current events, etc. to explore and discuss how leaders have been or are depicted. Through these examples, students will be able to identify positive attributes of leadership and in turn, be able to construct their own leadership style within a positive framework.

Transition College to Career*
Credit Hours: 1

This course will prepare students to transition into the workplace as either an intern or a full-time employee. Topics include: resume writing, cover letters, on-line search methods, interview skills, networking, business etiquette, and graduate/professional school. Target group: Sophomore, Junior and Senior students.

HONORS Multidisiplinary Seminar
Credit Hours: 3

This course provides an interdisciplinary approach to cultural analysis, through the lens of gender. Course includes in-depth study, discussion, and evaluation of social, cultural, and economic norms and practices from both Western and non-Western perspectives. Students will closely study the role of gender in shaping culture. Prerequisite: participant in the Honors Program or permission of the instructor. 4crs.

Spec Topics in WS:
Credit Hours: 3

An in-depth study of a particular area of interest in Women's Studies, the special topics course will be offered on a rotating basis to offer students courses and perspectives that might not otherwise be offered. May be repeated for credit. 4crs.

Course Level: 3

Leadership Theories
Credit Hours: 1

This course helps students understand the leadership process by relating theory to their co-curricular activities. Topics such as leadership strategies, group dynamics, communication, collaboration, legal and ethic issues, and understanding organizational structure will be discussed, analyzed, and related to student experience. Open to all students. Required for Leadership Program students and those students seeking a Leadership Minor. May be taken for no credit with permission of the Director of the Leadership Program. Outcomes: Through a detailed review of various leadership theories and styles, students will be able to recognize their own leadership style. Assessments: Students will be assessed through direct measures such as evaluation of in-class projects and scores for their final presentation or paper. Satisfies third-line Cluster 1 General Education requirement.

21st Century Leadership
Credit Hours: 2

Students enrolled in this course will learn about leadership beyond a titled structure. This course will break down the walls of a traditional cubicle-formatted structure to examine untraditional or modern adaptations of leadership. Students will be introduced to and explore the benefits of servant leadership. They will learn how to appropriately convey their leadership style in a virtual world. They will learn and develop strategies for leading through new technology methods such as conference calls, social networking sites, video and tele-conferencing, etc. Students will also gain knowledge in working in environments where there is limited face-to-face interactions and most of their co-workers are "out of the office" due to outsourcing, work at home models, corporate partnerships, etc.

Diversity & Leadership
Credit Hours: 2

Students will explore various perspectives on leadership as they pertain to differences such as race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, religion, age, and gender. Through this course, students will gain a holistic view on the impact of leadership on diverse communities and the difference they can make in the world through the implementation of responsible leadership.

Sem Women's Studies
Credit Hours: 4

An examination of the new scholarship in Women's Studies particularly contemporary theory and its application to various social models. This course addresses the ways gender influences basic questions within disciplines and includes an independent research project in which students apply issues raised in this seminar to a given discipline, generally their major. Prerequisite: nine credits completed in the Women's Studies Minor or permission of the instructor. 4crs.

Spec Topics in WS:
Credit Hours: 3

An in-depth study of a particular area of interest in Women's Studies, the special topics course will be offered on a rotating basis to offer students courses and perspectives that might not otherwise be offered. May be repeated for credit. 4crs.

Course Level: 4

Leadership Senior Seminar
Credit Hours: 4

Capstone course for the Leadership Minor. Students will work collectively to create and implement a project of their choosing that will benefit the campus or local community. At the conclusion of the project, students will be asked to write a paper and complete a presentation which documents their experience with specific focus on their leadership strengths, challenges and continual leadership development. By incorporating a research component to the paper and presentation, students will develop their own strategies for addressing their personal areas of development. Through this experience, students will exhibit the leadership knowledge they have gained while enrolled in the Leadership Minor as well as through being a participant in the Leadership Program, while also reflecting on their own personal and professional growth. The Capstone course is the primary assessment for the Leadership Minor since the course requires students to exhibit competency in all five program outcomes. The project, paper and presentation for this course will be evaluated using a rubric. Satisfies Cluster 1or Cluster 5 General Education requirement.

SR Research Colliquim
Credit Hours: 2

Students will design and complete an advanced research project in their area of interest. This project will be mentored either by faculty in women's studies or the student's area of interest or both. Students will work on the research project in a structured environment, and present their work at the end of the semester. Students will use primary source documents and apply concepts learned in WS 395. Prerequisite:WS 395. 2crs.

Independent Study:
Credit Hours: 2

Faculty-supervised in depth study of an appropriate topic of particular interest to the student in Women's Studies. Variable Credit, students can register 1-4 credits.

Credit Hours: 2

Application of theoretical concepts in a professional environment. Internship must be approved by the director. 2crs.

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