Residence Life

  • Students must complete the Housing Request Form to help Residence Life with roommate placement
  • The College of Saint Elizabeth has single and double residence rooms for students. 
  • Most students have a roommate during their first year at the College, and a single room after that.
  • Single rooms are limited and are assigned first to returning students, then to transfer students, and last to freshmen.
  • Each room in the residence hall has its own sink.
  • Bed size will depend on housing assignment: Founders Hall beds are regular length (1 X 1.9 m) and O'Connor beds are extra long (1 X 2.0 m)
  • Roommate requests can only be considered if both students submit their housing request forms by mid June.
  • In order to move into a residence hall, all health records must be completed and returned to the Health Center.
  • If all necessary paperwork is received by Residence Life, students will receive their room assignment, roommate information, and other important information during the last week in July.

For your reference, here are average room and window sizes for the two residence halls:

O'Connor Hall

Room Size: 4.19 X 2.57 m
Window Size (Length by Width): 2.26 x 1.30 m (1st floor); 1.91 x 1.30 m (2nd-4th floors)

Founders Hall

Room Size: 4.57 X 3.66 m
Window Size (Length by Width): 1.57 X 1.27 m (all floors)


The following items are NOT allowed in residence hall rooms:

  • Electrical cooking appliances (including microwaves)
  • Heaters
  • Any item with an open flame
  • Incense and candles (even if unlit)


  • Students who cook in residence hall kitchens must constantly stay with their food while cooking
  • Any violation of this policy will automatically receive a $150 fine
  • Further sanctions may be imposed depending upon the severity of the incident

For more information about life in the residence halls at CSE, you can also visit our Residence Life section.