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Singing about Sleigh Bells in St. Ann’s Villa

Singing about Sleigh Bells in St. Ann’s Villa

Carols about Winter Wonderlands and red-nosed reindeer rang out in St. Ann’s Villa’s halls while members of Carpe Motus, CSE’s dance company, STAC (The Student Action Committee), Campus Ministry and volunteers sang Christmas songs.  Every year, CSE students go to the Villa to spread Christmas cheer to the retired sisters.  December 3 was no exception to this tradition, and smiles were exchanged between new and old generations. 

The students arrived at the Villa’s entrance and handouts of Christmas song lyrics were passed around.  The students read over them before they were divided into three groups.  Music filled the brightly lit hallways as the groups were divided among the Villa’s floors.  Some sisters curiously stuck their heads out of their rooms to see the source of the commotion. Others seated themselves next to the carolers clapped their hands and cheered after each song.

Wishes for happy holidays and thank-yous were said by the sisters as the CSE students left the Villa.  With their laughter and cheerful smiles, it was hard to determine who caught the Christmas spirit: the students or the Villa’s residents.          

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