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CSE Celebrates Diversity at International Night, March 24, 2012

CSE Celebrates Diversity at International Night, March 24, 2012

For more than 20 years, the College of Saint Elizabeth has celebrated the tradition of International Night, honoring cultures from around the world. On March 24, 2012, students, faculty, staff, and guests came to Dolan Performance Hall, Annunciation Center, to enjoy the performances and activities. This year’s theme, Traveling through Traditions, incorporated many aspects of cuisine, performance, and fashion, that represented the traditions of the homelands of many CSE students. International night is sponsored and organized by the CSE International Intercultural Club. Each year, student participants contribute to the festivities with representations and performances from their own country or other respective, chosen countries.

The night kicked off with a comedic dance performed by CSE student Barbara Beresova, ’14, a psychology major. She danced to the music “Tango III” accompanied on piano by CSE student Shannon Tipton, ’13, music major. The duo played off each other’s energy that kept the audience entertained as they laugh and applauded throughout the performance. After opening the show, Beresova went on to be the Master of Ceremonies for the first half of the night with her comedic and cheerful demeanor.

Following the first act, CSE student Megumi Fukai, ’15, an English major, and Aya Hamasaki, ’14, a communications major, performed a Japanese Cartoon Dance. Both were dressed in elaborated pop cartoon outfits as they danced side by side. The two were animated in their synchronized choreography.

Not only did the night bring fun and entertaining dances, but the students also showed off their talent in poetry recitation. Alexandra Rojas, ’15, an English major, followed the Japanese dance with an Argentinean poem. She recited the poem in Spanish, which she spoke fluently before switching over to English to accommodate the non-Spanish speaking members of the audience.

Another student duo graced the stage but this time it was to sing. CSE students Shuxin Chang, ’14, undecided major, and Phone Myat Tharaphy, ’15, sociology major, performed a bilingual song entitled “Proud of You” by Fiona Fung. The two took turns switching back and forth from English to an Asian dialect as their voices filled the auditorium.

To celebrate Haitian culture, CSE students Yanick Pepe, ’12, a history major, Daphne Adam, ’12, a business major, Carsonie Legerme, ’15, undecided major, and Kharenn Laventure, ’15, an elementary education major, performed a Haitian dance. The performance was choreographed to symbolize the courage and strength of the Haitian people. The audience cheered as the dancers waved the Haitian flag during their performance. To wrap up the first batch of performances, Tipton graced the stage a second time. This time she sang while playing piano, performing a Celtic tribute to America entitled, “Oh America.”

 After the first batch of performances for the night, the students took the stage to put on a cultural fashion show. Each garment modeled was a traditional outfit worn in the respective country being modeled. The students represented Pakistan, Japan, Burma, Vietnam, China, Nigeria, Japan, Mongolia, India, Haiti, and Nepal.

After the fashion show, a second round of performances, introduced by IIC president, Sezma Shrestha, ’13, a math major, took place. They included an upbeat Slovakian dance, a poetry duet, singing, a Bollywood and Spanish fusion dance, and Russian guitar playing. CSE senior, Dominique Collucci, ’12, an art major, premiered her short video entitled, “One Wish.” The video featured many different people from all walks of life holding up signs revealing their one wish in life. Following the video, IIC Vice President, Aleksandra Brzoza, ’13, a global studies major, wrapped up the show with a spotlight on the Dominican Republic “B.E.A.D. Project. The project features handmade bead jewelry for sale with the proceeds going to help the people in the Dominican Republic.

After the show, IIC welcomed the audience to an international dinner with foods from many cultures. Judging by the praise and applaud from the audience, the event looked like it was once again a success.


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