Self Service Instructions for Faculty

Self Service quick link.

Class Lists

  • Click Class List under faculty on the home page of Self Service
  • Select the course you which to view
  • Select Status to see who has dropped your class (to the right) and click Go. This will be important to you during the add/drop period and during the withdrawal period.
  • E-mail selected students or the whole class by checking the check box to the left of the student's name
  • Click E-mail Selected (to keep the student's e-mail private, check the box that says Keep e-mail address private



  • Click Class List under faculty on the home page of Self Service
  • Select Grading
  • Select Attendance
  • Select the course you which to view
  • You can take attendance by the date your class meets or by student (please note you only need to put a last date of attendance when the student stops attending your class NOT the last date the class meets)



  • Click the Classes tab
  • Click Grading option
  • Click the class you want to grade
  • Use the drop down menus for valid grade options
  • Click Submit Final
  • The grades will be posted to student records on the day after the grades are due



  • Click Student Advising
  • To see your complete advisee list click Search
  • Click the name of the advisee you want to view
  • You can choose to see their schedule, unofficial transcript, or grade report (the schedule request and dossier serve no purpose at this time)
  • You can view the student's schedule in text format or in a grid format (those options are to the left) Please note that Con Ed courses have no meaning
  • You can also e-mail students form you advisee list by clicking the check box
  • Once a student applies for graduation in August, December or May and is flagged in the system, they may be found in the Former Advisee list 


Approving a Schedule 

  • Click Student Advising
  • Click Manage Advisee
  • Click Search for a complete listing of advisees
  • Look under Pending Schedule and click the Approve icon to view pending schedule. You can add notes that the student can read (in the box under the course title). You should add notes to explain why you have denied registration for a course
  • Click Apply. A comnfirmation e-mail will be sent to the student.


Adding/Dropping Courses 

  • Students will be able to add/drop courses using Self Service only during the add/drop period. Those dates are posted on the academic calendar
  • Once the add/drop period has ended, students will need to drop courses using a paper form which can be accessed on the Registrar's home page or are available in the Registrar's Office


Finding Course/Section Search 

  • Click Find Courses
  • Enter the Course Code or a portion of it (ie: PSY). This will bring up all PSY courses for the term
  • Select the period (year/term)
  • Select the session (A= first 7 weeks, Full= 15 weeks, B=second 7 weeks) Not choosing a session will bring up all courses for each session
  • If a class is closed, there will be closed, red book
  • If a class is open, there will be an open, green book
  • Clicking the blue course code will allow you to view the course description and other pertinent information
  • Available Seats will tell you how many seats are available in the class (not how many are enrolled!) It also shows you how many are on the waitlist
  • You can also search by Open Courses only (top left)