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2 Convent Road
Santa Rita Hall, 2nd Floor
Morristown, NJ 07960-6989

Phone: (973) 290-4460
Fax: (973) 290-4499

Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm


Registration Information

The Spring 2014 and Intersession 2014 class schedules are available for viewing on Self Service.

Please follow the online registration schedule below:

Class Level Credits Earned Dates to begin Registration
Senior & Graduate Students 96+ credits October 29
Juniors 64-95 credits November 4
Sophomores 31-63 credits November 11
Freshmen (including first-time freshmen)

0-30 credits

November 18

If you need assistance regarding any aspect of registration, seek out the Student Support Specialist in your Area and they will assist you.


  • Culture and Humanities – Fran Sonneborn, x4352, Santa Maria Hall, Room 43A
  • Health and Wellness – Fran Sonneborn, x4352, Henderson Hall, Room 11
  • Human and Social Development – Debbie Brown, x4287, Santa Maria Hall, Room 13B
  • Science and Mathematics – Fran Sonneborn, x4352, Santa Maria Hall, Room 43A

ATTENTION: Any student who has a Stop on their account for unpaid balances will not be permitted to register. If you see a Stop on your record for unpaid balances please meet with the Financial Aid Office (973-290-4445) and/or Business Office (973-290-4443 or 973-290-4412) to see what can be done to ensure that you can register.


Some departments are offering courses in a hybrid format, meaning a class can meet on campus and online.

Schedule days might look like this:

SOC371 Tuesday's, 8:00am-9:40am

Click the course description to see if a course is being offered in this format and for more information about specific dates it might meet on campus.


As a member of the Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities (OCICU), CSE students have the opportunity to register for online courses that are given by various regionally accredited colleges/universities who are members of the OCICU. These courses will be counted into the student's academic course load for that semester.

An undergraduate student taking 9 CSE credits and 3 credits through the OCICU will be considered full-time. When the course is complete, a letter grade will be awarded, the grade will be entered on the CSE transcript and calculated into the student's GPA (grade point average).

Learn More About OCICU Online Courses

Prior to Registration

If you are completing a registration form, it must be signed by the student's advisor(s) before it will be processed by the Registrar's Office. The Undergraduate and Graduate registration forms can be downloaded here.

Any Women's College student who wishes to register for 18.5 or more credit hours must obtain the approval and signature of Jane Bourhill, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs. Forms can be left at Dean Bourhill's office for her signature. Her office is located on the 2nd floor in Santa Rita Hall.

Please keep in mind that Women's College students who register for more than 18 credits in a fall or spring semester will be charged for those additional credits at the per credit tuition rate in effect for that academic year.

Course schedules for Drew and Fairleigh Dickinson Universities are available at and Any student planning to cross register at Drew or Fairleigh Dickinson must complete a Cross Registration form. These forms can be downloaded here, and should be submitted to the CSE Registrar's Office.

You must be registered for 12 CSE credits before cross registering.

Students are responsible for knowing which courses are required to complete their major and the rules and regulations of the College. This information is available in the College Catalog. While all students have an academic advisor, the student is expected to assume responsibility for their progress and degree completion.


The waitlist will be in class order, which means Seniors will have first priority. If you are on a waitlist for a class and a seat becomes available, you will receive an email letting you know that a seat is available and that you have 5 days to add yourself into the class. If you miss the deadline for that available seat, the computer will automatically make that seat available for the next person on the waitlist. You must check your CSE email account frequently!

After Registration


During the first week of classes students can drop and add courses to their schedule. Students must complete an Add/Drop form and obtain the signature of their advisor(s). Refer to the academic calendar (which can be located on Self Service) for the dates of the drop/add period for all College divisions.


Following the add/drop period students are permitted to withdraw from a class with the permission of their Advisor and their Dean or their Program Director (for Graduate students). These courses are assigned a grade of "W" on the student's transcript. Refer to the academic calendar for the dates of the withdrawal period for each College division. A Withdrawal form needs to be submitted to the Registrar's Office.

Non-payment of tuition and/or non-attendance in a course does not constitute acceptable withdrawal. All necessary paperwork must be filed with the Registrar's Office.

Students who are cross-registered at Drew or Fairleigh Dickinson Universities withdraw from courses according to the above procedure.


Undergraduate students with senior and junior standing who are full-time may elect to take one course each semester on a pass/fail basis. Sophomores may elect to take one course a year pass/fail.

Matriculated part-time students with sophomore standing (32-63 credits) may take one course as pass/fail throughout the duration of their sophomore standing. Part-time students with junior standing 64-95 credits) may take two courses as pass/fail throughout the duration of their junior standing, with no more than one pass/fail course per semester. Part-time students with senior standing (96 or more credits) may take two courses as pass/fail throughout the duration of their senior standing, with no more than one pass/fail course per semester.

In order to register for a course on a pass/fail basis, students must have no grade below "C" in the preceding year. Courses used to fulfill the general education cluster requirements, the major or a minor may not be taken on a pass/fail basis.

Students may register for one course on a pass/fail basis in the Registrar's Office on the dates specified in the College calendar. The Pass/Fail form needs to be submitted.

Once a student has designated a course pass/fail, she/he cannot change that decision.


Students are not permitted to attend classes without being registered. The last day for students to register in any semester is the last day of the add/drop period. Students will not be registered for classes after the final day of the add/drop period. This applies for all divisions.

Please check the Academic Calendar for dates.


The College reserves the right to cancel any course, revise subject matter or content, and alter schedules (meeting days and/or times, buildings, rooms or instructors).

Class Standing By Hours Toward Graduation

Credits earned determine your class level. Graduate students always have a class level of "Graduate".


  • Freshman Standing: 0-30 credits
  • Sophomore Standing: 31-63 credits
  • Junior Standing: 64-95 credits
  • Senior Standing: 96 or more credits

Cross Registration with Drew and FDU (Madison Campus)

If you are cross registering at FDU, make sure you are only looking at courses held on the Madison Campus.

Cross registration is:

  • Available to full-time, matriculated students who are in good academic standing.

  • Only available during the fall and spring semesters.

  • For undergraduate courses only.

Information regarding course information can be found from the websites of both institutions: or

Students must complete a Cross Registration Form signed by their academic advisor then submit that form to the CSE Registrar's Office for processing.

Please make sure the form is filled out completely and clearly. This will help the other Registrar's Offices when they are trying to register you.

Courses completed via cross registration at Drew or Fairleigh Dickinson will appear on the CSE transcript and are not considered transfer courses.

***Deadline – Cross Registration forms must be submitted to the CSE Registrar's Office at least two weeks prior to the start of the CSE semester.***.