Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

ITV Classroom

The Interactive Television (ITV) Classroom was built in 1997 as part of the College of Saint Elizabeth's participation in the New Jersey Intercampus Network (NJIN). It allows the college to offer or receive synchronous distance education opportunities to the surrounding community and beyond.

The classroom seats 12 students who are able to interact real-time with other students at distant locations. As the students or faculty member talks, auto-programmed cameras can zoom into the speaker so that the participants at the distant sites can see who is responding or presenting.

The faculty member using the room has access to a variety of audio and video technology: VCR, document camera, DVD player for playing DVDs or CDs, computer with Microsoft Office applications and Internet access. All of these pieces of equipment are fully controlled by the instructor.

Adobe Connect

To complement traditional video conferencing, Media Services offers Adobe Connect. This web conferencing application permits video, audio, and text chatting in a live session. Rich media applications such as PowerPoint presentations, whiteboarding, application sharing and collaboration are also available. Uses include real time class sessions, virtual office hours, and presentations to off campus groups. Contact us to be part of an upcoming overview session or to discuss the possibilities of Adobe Connect.