Television Services

Television Services

Television Services provides professional video production facilities for the campus community. We have a full television studio as well as post-production facilities, high allows projects to be completed in-house from beginning to end. Videos can be produced up to broadcast quality in digital formats.

A number of courses offered through the communication program utilize the television facilities and allow students to gain practical experience in how television programming is produced. In addition to formal course offerings, an apprenticeship program further provides students with additional opportunities to hone their skills so that they will be ready to work upon graduation.

Outside of the communication program course offerings, other departments utilize the television facilities for one-day or multi-day workshops to support their class projects. Classes come to TV Services on both the undergraduate and graduate levels during the academic year.

In addition to academic courses, other programming is recorded for both on-campus and off-campus use. Academic events are recorded and edited for playback on the College's cable television system. Interviews and other programs are also recorded for the campus community.

At times off-campus programming is undertaken through Television Services. This offers students to interact with outside clients and produce programming that provides real-life experience. This type of work allows students to build a portfolio of content that can be used in their video reels, which are required in many instances for jobs in production.

We invite interested members of the college community to visit and see what our facilities have to offer.