Emergency Procedures

The College's Emergency Task Force Committee has prepared a procedures guide for students, faculty and staff to follow in multiple emergency situations.

The Emergency Response Procedures booklet is located in all classrooms, conference rooms and common areas around the campus for quick reference. We urge you to become familiar with this information.

Emergency Contact Numbers


About Campus Advisories

Emergency – Florham Park 911  

The Campus Advisories Website has been created to provide the CSE community with information about winter storm procedures and emergency situations.

CSE recognizes and monitors ongoing activities at both the local and national levels. If an emergency situation arises, please check the Safety and Security web page for updates or call the College Emergency Information Line at (973) 290-INFO (4636).

Students, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to stay alert and report any unusual activity to Campus Security at (973) 290-4090.

Campus Security (973) 290-4090
Disability Services (973) 290-4261
Emergency Information Line (973) 290-INFO (4636)
Wellness Center (973) 290-4175
Non-Emergency – Florham Park (973) 377-2200
Morris Twp. Police, Fire, Ambulance (973) 539-0777
New Jersey Posion Control (800) 962-1253
New Jersey Transit Police (800) 242-0236

Emergency "Blue Light" Phone System

An emergency telephone system is located throughout the college campus.

Emergency Call Boxes are located outside the main entrances to both Founders and O'Connor Hall. In addition, "blue light" emergency call stations are located in the lower level parking lot of St. Joseph Hall, the O'Connor Hall residence parking lot, the Annunciation Center parking lot, and on the pathway between Founders Hall and Henderson Hall.

By touching just one button, these stations enable students to directly contact either campus security or the Florham Park Police Department.

Emergency Response

When a serious incident is reported, the College implements its emergency response plan.

In an emergency or a criminal action endangering some or all of the Campus community or its neighbors, the President will consult with appropriate administrators and local authorities to establish a plan of action including the means of communicating with all persons affected or at risk. In other cases, the administrator within whose scope of responsibility the incident occurs is responsible for evaluating possible recurrence and future risk potential. Based on this assessment, they may recommend corrective policy and/or procedure to the President.

In the event of a campus-wide emergency, all members of the College community will be contacted through our Send Word Now notification system. This system allows College officials to simultaneously send messages to all office phones, home phones, cell phones and email addresses listed in the central administrative computing system at the College.

This emergency message will provide detailed response instructions for students, staff and faculty. It is expected that all members of the campus community will cooperate fully with the instructions provided.

It is also expected that all students and employees of the College will keep their contact information in the system up to date. This information can be updated here.