Campus Transports

Resident Students

Security will provide transportation for resident students if one or more of the following conditions are met:

  1. In cases of severe inclement weather
  2. Students with excessive baggage (not including purses)
  3. Students with physical impairment (approved by Disability Services)
  4. Students taking classes at FDU or Drew (must possess their class schedule)
  5. Students with special arrangements that must be approved by an Administrator

In cases of emergencies, transportation services will be suspended. Students who misrepresent or falsify information pertaining to this policy will be reported to the Dean of Students Office and subject to disciplinary actions.

During daytime hours, students studying at Drew University or Fairleigh Dickinson University are expected to use the Madison Avenue Direct (MAD) shuttle when it is in operation.

Transports other than the above may be requested and approved by a College Administrator. Security also provides transportation assistance for the Sisters of Charity on campus.