Campus Security

Office of Campus Security

Security at the Campus of Saint Elizabeth, is provided by officers from Securitas Security Services, a contract security provider. The security coverage is 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the entire campus community.

All security officers are registered with the State of New Jersey having completed the Security Officer Registration Act (S.O.R.A.) which is required by the State. They are under the direction of the Security Director who is an employee of Securitas as a contract employee of the College of Saint Elizabeth.


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Services Overview

Security is responsible for the following:

  • Monitoring access 24/7 at the main campus entrance.
  • Patrolling the entire campus with security vehicle.
  • Issuing parking citations and/or towing violators.
  • Transporting students for specific situations.
  • Special campus events management including traffic and parking.
  • Reporting and documenting campus incidents.
  • Emergency Planning and Response
  • Maintaining the College Lost and Found.
  • Opening and securing buildings and conducting interior/exterior building tours.
  • Conducting audits on the Emergency Phone System, campus lighting, and any unsafe conditions.

CSE Advocate Incident Reporting

The College of Saint Elizabeth is committed to the safety and security of students, faculty, staff and guests. Should an incident happen on campus that must be reported or should a campus community member wish to report their concern about a person on campus, please complete one of the reporting forms below.

Submit campus incident reports


Report persons of concern


Report missing persons

Our Mission

The mission of the Security Office is to provide the Campus of Saint Elizabeth, a safe and secure environment, in a helpful and professional manner, for our students, residents, faculty, staff and guests.

The Security Office works proactively and as a team with the contracted security company, our diverse campus community, and the responsible outside agencies to ensure everyone is prepared to protect and respond to our community members and property.

The Security Office is committed to service excellence. It recognizes that in order to achieve these goals, security must be aware of demonstrating a positive and friendly manner and respect for the dignity and diversity of the campus community members.