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Tanya Sorce, Director
Santa Rita Hall - 3rd Floor

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Who, Why and How

Who Gives

It takes gifts from thousands of individuals and corporations to reach the Annual Fund goal each year. The 2014 Annual Fund raised $916,383.00 thanks to the generosity of so many individuals and corporate donors.

We are proud to say that our CSE Alumni are the major factor in the success of the Annual Fund at an 14 percent participation rate. Please consider making a gift to the 2015 Annual Fund. Help us to reach our goal of $1,200,000.00 and continue increasing the alumni giving percentage.

Additional contributors to the Annual Fund include members of the Board of Trustees, parents of Alumni, other friends of the College and corporations/foundations.

Why Give

Every aspect of student life at CSE – first and foremost, current year scholarship relief, plus classroom experience, student activities and athletics – benefits from the budgetary relief the Annual Fund provides.

Your gift to the Annual Fund is a measure of your continued confidence in the vital mission and ministry of this community of learning, and an investment in quality education for our students now and in the future.

As one alum said:

"How can we influence the way the world looks and works in future generations? By supporting those institutions that reinforce and influence ethical, moral, intellectual and social values on a global scale. Who does it better than CSE?"

There are many different reasons donors give to the CSE annual fund. Some give because they appreciate the tremendous educational experience they had during their years here. Some give to carry on the legacy of alumni support they received and wish to give back so that others may be afforded the same opportunities.

Others give because they have been personally affected by a particular faculty member or College program. And still others give because they have seen how the CSE experience has positively impacted the life of a loved one.

Rates of participation among alumni, faculty, staff, administration and Trustees are key indicators to potential grant-makers of the levels of commitment to the College by the people most closely related to it, and those indicators play a major role in funding decisions. The stronger our participation rates, the better our chances of obtaining the needed grants we apply for.

So, you see, every gift truly does make a difference!

Ways to Give

There are many ways of contributing to the College of Saint Elizabeth. Some forms of giving can provide immediate income tax deductions for the donor, estate tax benefits for heirs and/or life income for donors and other beneficiaries.

Click here for details about each way to give!

Please note: The purpose of this document is to provide general information only. For specific applications, please consult your legal or financial advisors.

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Who We Are

Founded in 1899 by the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, the College of Saint Elizabeth has a strong tradition of concern for the poor, for developing leadership in a spirit of service and social responsibility, and a commitment to the promotion of women as full partners in society.

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