Benefits of CSE Partnership

Other Benefits of CSE Partnership

Partnership Scholarship Program:

Students who are employed by PSEG are eligible to receive a 20 percent discount on their tuition charges, depending on program of study. Students will receive an invoice each semester detailing their tuition charges at the standard rate. In addition, the Partner Scholarship amount will be noted as a credit on the bill.

Good Neighbor Tuition Deferral Program:

Students who are employed by Hackensack UMC are eligible to defer a portion of their tuition charges until 45 days after the end of the semester. This allows you time to receive your reimbursement from your employer without having to pay the entire cost up front.

The amount of this deferral is based in part on the tuition assistance amount permitted by Hackensack UMC divided between fall and spring semesters (Health Care Management students' amounts are divided into fall, spring, and summer). The balance is due upon receipt of the bill and the deferred amount is due 45 days after the end of the semester.

CSE Credits for Organizational Development Programs and Professional Experience:

CSE recognizes the value of the courses and programs offered through your Organizational Development division for college credit. In addition your employees can earn additional credits toward their undergraduate and graduate degrees through submission of a customized portfolio of past and present professional experience.

Generous Transfer Credits:

Students who have attended a previous college or university can submit their transcript for an evaluation. Each course is evaluated based on the grade and content and can receive up to 96 transfer credits toward their CSE degree. Graduate students may transfer up to nine graduate credits that were earned at another institution.

CLEP / DANTES Credit by Exam:

Students can also earn credits based on their experiential learning by taking exams based on particular content and subject areas. CSE credits are then awarded based on test scores.