Study Away

Study Locally, Travel Globally: CSE Study Away Program

Study Away is a valuable experience because it expands students' awareness of global perspectives, strengthens their foreign language skills, and builds understanding and appreciation of other cultures.

CSE encourages students to explore Study Away opportunities and provides assistance in identifying appropriate programs, applying to them, and preparing for a study abroad experience. The Study Away program is recommended in particular to students pursuing studies in Foreign Languages and International Studies.

In order for your Study Away program to be counted toward your major or toward credits needed for graduation, you need to obtain the approval of your academic advisor. Many study abroad programs can be counted for college credit.

Program deadlines vary. In general you should plan to apply at least six months prior to the date you wish to start.

If you are receiving federal financial aid, that aid may be applied toward a Study Abroad program. New Jersey state aid and institutional aid cannot be applied toward the Study Abroad program.

Current CSE faculty or staff members who are interested in planning a travel experience for our campus community: please read the policies and procedures outlined in our Study Away Handbook and complete our Study Away Proposal Application.

Types of Programs

We offer a wide-range of Study Away Experiences. Let us help find the right one that fits your personal and academic goals:

  • Individual Semester or Year-Long Experiences
  • Short-Term Individual or Group Experiences Abroad
  • Short-Term Individual or Group Experiences Domestic
  • College Credit Experiences
  • Service Experiences