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Susan Dunn

Role Model and Leader

Education can boost job confidence – even for those with many years of experience.

At Hackensack University Medical Center, Hackensack, N.J., Susan Dunn is a veteran nurse, having served patients' needs for 30 years. In May 2013 she earned her bachelor of science in nursing from CSE.

"I enrolled in CSE mainly for personal fulfillment. Yet, I find it shows me things from a different perspective and makes me well rounded," said Dunn. "It has empowered me and given me even more confidence and pride in what I do every day."

Dunn works in the operating room, responsible for the vascular area. "I take pride in the success of surgeries in the operating room and am committed to my patients and my profession," she said. That commitment prompted her to not only enroll in the College's BSN program, but to help coordinate hosting classes at the Hackensack University Medical Center.

"After returning from vacation one summer, I noticed that College of Saint Elizabeth was offering the BSN program at other local hospitals. I then contacted our nursing education department and CSE to explore a partnership," Dunn said. One year later, the program at Hackensack UMC began.

Dunn and her colleagues are grateful for this convenient venue and excellent faculty at their facility.

"We find that the CSE professors are amazing. Most work during the day in healthcare then bring that experience to our classrooms. I get much more out of this professional sharing than I would in an online class." She adds that the convenience of holding classes just an elevator ride away helps her balance the demands of being a busy wife, mother, and nurse.

Eventually, Susan would like to earn her Masters of Science in Nursing and launch her own teaching career.

"Someday I would like to bring my world of experience and knowledge to others. Being a nurse is the best job in the world. I want others to share in my passion."

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