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To create an account in RefWorks, you need our Group Code. If you don't have it, send an email using your CSE email account to mahoneyonline@cse.edu with subject line 'RefWorks'.

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Watch one or more tutorials from RefWorks. These are 2 to 5 minute videos describing a specific function.

A great organizational tool for your research, RefWorks can format bibliographies and in-text citations. It will save you time!

RefWorks enables you to...

  1. Collect sources as you find them & keep everything in one place.
  2. Organize sources into folders by course or topic.
  3. Access your searchable source list from any device.
  4. Upload full text PDFs into your account and read from anywhere.
  5. Preview references in APA, MLA, or any other citation style.
  6. Generate bibliographies and in-text citations.
  7. Share source lists with classmates or teachers.
  8. Build a database of useful publications related to your field.
  9. Subscribe to search alerts or RSS feeds and get automatic updates when new articles become available.
  10. Take it all with you when you graduate.

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For Technical Support, contact RefWorks directly at (775) 327-4105 or support@refworks.com. Support is available 9am-8pm Monday-Friday.