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Citation Guides

American Psychological Association

APA Style icon APA Publication Manual, 6th ed., 2008
(REF 808.06615 P96AP)
APA Style Guide (Mahoney Library)

Course Guides

Intro to Psychology & Education of Exceptional Learner
- Victoria Wollny, Fall 2012, PSY241 - Sean Murphy

Research Methods presentation
Research Methods handout
RefWorks Training Guide handout
RefWorks Sharing Files handout
- Mark Ferguson, Spring 2012, Research Methods II - John Brandi

Psychology Research (PPTX)
- Renita Krasnodebski, Fall 2010

Related Guides


Professional Sites

Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct
Overview of professional ethics and responsibilities from the American Psychological Association.

National Institute of Mental Health
The mental health branch of the National Institutes of Health, the NIMH promotes and disseminates research on mental illness.

Statistics & Data

OAS Mental Health Reports
U.S. state data on prevalence of mental health problems.

SAMHDA: Substance Abuse & Mental Health Data Archive
Includes both survey instruments and resulting data tables.

CDC FastStats: Mental Health
Provides statistics on mental health disorders within the United States, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Research Guide for Psychology

Start Here

  • PsycINFO
    American Psychological Association resource for abstracts, with links to some full text, of scholarly articles, books, and dissertations. Largest resource of peer-reviewed literature from 1887 to the present.
    Use the Advanced Search page and select a Classification Code (PDF version) and/or a Methodology Field Value (PDF version) for more precise search results.
  • Social Sciences Full Text
    Full text coverage of journals covering all the social sciences, with an easy-to-navigate interface and sophisticated searching tools.
Psychologists & Their Theories, 2005 (REF 150.922 P974) Cross-Cultural Psychology, 2009 (REF 155.8 C951) Magill's Encyclopedia of Social Science: Psychology, 2003, REF 150.3 M273ssp Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders, 2003, REF 616.89 G151 Handbook of Multicultural Assessment, 2008, REF 150.287 H236ma


Find Books

Books on psychology have call numbers in the 100's and 600's. Reference books are on the main floor in the Reference Room. All other books are on the upper floor (100's - right, 600's - left).

Other Relevant Databases

  • Science Direct
    Our largest database for the sciences and social sciences, including psychology, providing full text access to scholarly journals often unavailable on other databases.
  • Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print
    Comprehensive guide to over 2,000 contemporary testing instruments for psychology, education and related fields.
    American Psychological Association source of full text peer-reviewed scholarly articles in psychology with more than 140,000 articles published by the APA, and its allied organizations.
  • PILOTS: Published International Literature on Traumatic Stress
    Database for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental health concerns arising from traumatic events. Full text not included, but may be available through other sources.
  • ProQuest Social Sciences databases
    Search across 11 databases in ProQuest that relate to the social sciences. Some full text included.
  • Sage Premier Journals
    Thousands of full text, peer-reviewed journal articles on psychology topics.
  • ERIC via Ebsco
    Education Resource Information Center, a full text database providing access to educational research, with coverage of the psychology of education, learning disabilities and related fields.
  • Academic Search Premier
    Multidisciplinary database with over 800 psychology-related periodicals, most peer-reviewed, some full text.
  • MEDLINE (PubMed)
    Search nearly 17 million records covering medical literature from 1948-Present. Limited full text. Also available from FirstSearch.
  • BioMed Central
    Open access scholarly journals with coverage of the biological and neurological aspects of behavior and the brain. Free registration required.
  • ProQuest Dissertations & Theses
    Over 750,000 downloadable full text dissertations and theses, covering a wide range of graduate research topics, including psychology.


Streaming Video

Films on Demand Psychology Videos
Over 1,200 films related to psychology. Each video is broken down into 2-6 minute clips, called segments.

Online Encyclopedias

Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology, 2010
Classic encyclopedia for psychology, updated in 2010 and now searchable and browsable online.

Encyclopedia of Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, 2010
Key encyclopedia for understanding group behavior and interactions. Covers small groups and large scale corporate or international relations. Strong coverage of theories, leadership, techniques, anxiety, discrimination, and group pressures.

Child Development, 2002
Covers human development from conception through adolescence, summarizing the latest research on physical, cognitive, social and emotional development and behavior, including areas of law, medicine, psychiatry and demography.

Health Reference Center
Database drawing from a wide range of health-related encyclopedias. With concise descriptions and analysis of topics, it offers good coverage of psychological disorders.

Encyclopedia of Psychology
Hosted by the Jacksonville University Psychology Department, this online encyclopedia provides links to professional and scholarly resources on various topics in psychology.

Classics in the History of Psychology
Full text collection of historically significant writings in psychology.

AllPsych Online
Internet reference source for psychology providing a dictionary of psychological terms, a timeline of psychology, brief biographies of key figures in the field and other useful full text readings and information.

Other Publications

The College of Saint Elizabeth Journal of the Behavioral Sciences
The College of Saint Elizabeth's own online journal publishing student research in psychology and other social sciences.

Psychological Research
List of known psychological studies currently being conducted. Maintained by Hanover College Psychology Department.

Repository of self-archived research on psychology topics.

Online Readings in Psychology and Culture
A free cultural psychology textbook, produced by Western Washington University and acquired by the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology.

Ebooks in Cross-Cultural Psychology
Full text ebooks provided by the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology.