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Accessibility Services - Comfort Animal Policy


Emotional Support/Comfort Animals are conceptualized as animals that may provide companionship, relieve a sense of loneliness, sometimes help relieve an individual's depression, anxiety, phobias, but do not have special training to perform life tasks for a disabled individual.

Though these animals may provide some assistance to a disabled individual, they are not trained or limited to working with disabled individuals.

Guidelines and Requirements

The College recognizes that there are individuals who may require the use of an emotional support/comfort animal, within the residence hall, as part of their mental health treatment plan. For an animal to qualify for inclusion in the residence hall, the animal must be necessary to allow the disabled individual with an equal opportunity to use/enjoy the residence hall or to participate in the college's residence hall program/services.

The disabled individual will have to provide the College's Office of Accessibility Services with documentation from a health care provider that a relationship exists between the individual's diagnosed disability and the assistance the emotional support/comfort animal provides.

If the following documentation requirements are met, the college will permit the emotional support/comfort animal to reside in a residence hall unless the College can demonstrate that allowing the emotional support/comfort animal would impose an undue financial burden on, or fundamentally alter the nature of the residence hall program and services.


The individual requesting the inclusion, within a residence hall, of an emotional support/comfort animal must submit an evaluative report from the individual's attending mental health professional containing a diagnosis, and fully articulate the relationship of the emotional support/comfort animal to the individual's disability and treatment plan.

For additional clarification of documentation see the Guidelines for Psychological/Psychiatric Disorders Documentation.


The emotional support/comfort animal is subject to all of the following provisions of the College's Service Animal Policy:


Control Requirements

Conflicting Disabilities

Exclusion from Campus

An emotional support/comfort animal may be excluded from campus for the following reasons:

Appeal Procedure

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