Dr. Elena Colicelli, S.C.

Title: Professor
Office Building: Henderson Hall
Floor: 2nd Floor
Room: 216
Phone: 973-290-4087
Email: ecolicelli@cse.edu


Graduate- University of Maryland (College Park)- Ph.D. Physical Organic Chemistry

Undergraduate- College of Saint Elizabeth- B.S. in Chemistry

Postdoctoral Experiences:

a)   University of Maryland - Ozone formation in the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel and structure determination of novel non-narcotic drugs

b)   National Institute of Standards and Technology (Boulder, Co.) Thermal Conductivity and Magnetic Susceptibility  of structural materials

c)    University of Wyoming- Measurements of the content of various oil shale samples


1. "Synthesis of Diphenyl Ether Models of Thyroid Hormones. Diphenyl Ethers Linked to the 3-Oxo‑2‑azobicyclo-[2.2.1]  Heptane Ring System as a Substrates for  Conformational  Analysis" P.H. Mazzocchi, H.L. Ammon, L. Liu, E.J. Colicelli, P. Ravi and E. Burrows, J. Org. Chem., 46, 4530-6 (1981)

2. "Benzo-[b]-[1, 4]-diazobicyclo-[3.2.1]-octane, A Molecule Containing a :N‑C (sp2) Single Bond" H.L. Ammon, P.H. Mazzocchi, M.C. Regan, E.J. Colicelli, Acta Cryst., B35, 1722-   4 (1979)

3. "Carbon‑13 NMR Studies of Thyroid Hormones and Model Compounds.  The Conformational Analysis of Biphenyl Ethers"  H.L. Ammon, P.H. Mazzocchi, E.J. Colicelli, Organic Magnetic Resonance, 11, 143-9 (1978)

4. "An Investigation of the Utility of Using NMR Lanthanide Shift Reagents for 13C Assignments in Selected Aromatic Ethers and Ketones.  A Detailed Description of the Lanthanide Induced  Shift Ratio Method for Lanthanide Shift Reagent‑Substrate Geometry Analysis" H.L. Ammon, P.H. Mazzocchi, E.J. Colicelli, Organic Magnetic Resonance,11, 1-7 (1978)

5. "Mixed 1H - 13C Lanthanide Induced Shift Calculations, A Technique for Facilitating 13C Assignments" H.L. Ammon, P.H. Mazzocchi, E.J. Colicelli, C.W. Jameson and L. Liu,               Tetrahedron Letters, 1745-8 (1976)

6. "NMR Studies of Triiodothyropropionic Acid in Ethanol‑HCl, A Reinterpretation" P.H. Mazzocchi, H.L. Ammon, E.J. Colicelli, V. Hohokabe and V. Cody, Experientia, 32, 419-20 (1975)   

Student Presentations:

1. "Investigation into the Silver‑Induced Shifts Caused by Binuclear Shift Reagents in the Carbon‑13 and Proton NMR of  Simple Unsaturated Systems" M.H. Cozine, North Jersey Intercollegiate Council Research Conference, (April 1986)

2. "The Effects of Various Binuclear Shift Reagents on the  Carbon‑13 NMR Spectra of Simple Unsaturated Systems" M.H. Cozine,  Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting, American Chemical Society, (May 1985) Awarded 3rd Prize

 3. "Prediction of Rates and Stereoselectivities for Diels‑Alder    Reactions Using Carbon‑13 NMR" M. Petrizzo, North Jersey  Intercollegiate Council Research Conference, (April 1983)  Awarded 3rd Prize



1. "Using Writing in the Teaching of Chemistry", National Council of the Teachers of English, Nashville, Tenn., November 21, 1998.

2. "Teaching Chemistry in Zimbabwe", Fairleigh-Dickinson  University, Madison, NJ; Cultures of Africa Series, March 18, 1992

3. "Banning Laboratory Textbooks in the Organic Laboratory: An Approach to Developing Organizational Skills”, Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting, American Chemical Society, Madison,  NJ (May 1990)

4. "Teaching High School Students about Waste and the Environment", The Governor's School of New Jersey, Teacher Enrichment Project, Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton, NJ (July  18, 1988), Monmouth College, Long Branch, NJ (July 12, 1990)   

5. "Teaching Chemistry Majors to Speak Globally",Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting, American Chemical Society,   Millersville, PA (May 1988)

6. "A Workshop for Female High School Students: A Short Term Project with Long Term Effects", - Metro Women Chemists - (December 8,  1987) and Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting, American Chemical Society, Pomona, NJ (May 1987)

7. "Quantitative Analysis for Non‑Science Majors", Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting, American Chemical Society, Long  Branch, NJ (May 1985)  

8. "Demonstrations and Short Experiments in Organic Chemistry",   New Jersey Science Teachers Convention, Cranford, NJ (October 1981)

9. "Studies of the Thermophysical Properties of Coals", 36th Annual Calorimetry Conference, Washington, DC (October 1981)

10. "NMR Studies of Thyroid Hormones and Thyroid Hormone  Analogues", Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting, American  Chemical Society, Newark, DE (April 1977)   


  1. Fulbright Fellowship- teaching Chemistry at the University of Zimbabwe
  2. American Chemical Society E. Emmit Reid Award for College Chemistry teaching
  3. Who’s Who among Americas Teachers

Courses Taught:

  • Organic Chemistry I and II
  • Introduction to Organic Chemistry


Internship Director:

Morristown Memorial Hospital –Emergency Room Mentoring Program