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    Senior Sociology students present posters representing their research to the entire CSE community each fall in Mahoney Library. The posters remain in the library for weeks afterward! Read More

Program Offerings

The Sociology Program offers a B.A. in Sociology, a minor in Sociology and a concentration in Social Work. The program teaches technical knowledge and skills as well as the theory guiding the sociological imagination. Students work with diverse groups of people through internships, service learning, and field trips, preparing each student to better understand society, social behavior, and the forces of societal change operating around us. Based in the liberal arts tradition, our students are also versed in the literature and ethical guidelines of the field.


  • B.A. in Sociology

    1. Small classes with dedicated and experienced faculty who have real world experience
    2. Capstone project gives each student the chance to present original work and build a portfolio
    3. Internship opportunities with DYFS, Morris County Prosecutor’s Office, the Alzheimer’s Association
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  • Minor in Sociology

  • Social Work Concentration

    1. Courses taught by professionals who are currently working in the Social Work field
    2. Daytime and evening classes provide flexibility in scheduling
    3. Classes keep abreast of the latest programs, policies, and issues related to the field of social work
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Students will gain an understanding of the major concepts, methodologies, and theoretical perspectives of sociology. They will learn how to prepare a sociological literature review, and conduct a research project that adheres to scientific and ethical guidelines. Students will also learn to clearly present their findings in both written form and through public presentations, and develop leadership in the field.

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Sociology promotes the ability to understand and work with diverse multicultural populations and develops analytical reasoning, research, and communication skills. It also prepares students for the study and practice of law, public health and policy, and graduate study in a wide variety of disciplines. Our graduates are perfectly suited for careers that involve the human element, communications skills, and an understanding of humanity.

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Student Stories

Amy Cooper

2014, Sociology

"Sociology helps me realize that there is a whole population that cannot function at a 'normal' level and we, as a society, need to find ways to make life easier for this population."

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Faculty Spotlight

Anne Langan

Professor Langan recently gave a talk on the Cambodian Genocide for the 23rd annual Week of Holocaust Remembrance, hosted by the CSE Holocaust Education Resource Center.

Contact Information

Dr. Mary T. Chayko
Program Chairperson

Phone: (973) 290-4120
Email: mchayko@cse.edu
Office: Santa Maria Hall
First Floor, Room 15