Dr. Valerie Scott

Valerie Scott

Title: Professor
Office Building: Henderson Hall
Room: 222C
Phone: 973-290-4107
Email: vscott@cse.edu


Courses Taught: 

  • Psy 100: Introduction to Psychology
  • Psy 191: Developmental Psychology
  • Psy 211: Aging and the Individual
  • Psy 220: Personality Theory
  • Psy 231: Gender and the Human Experience
  • Psy 241: Psychology of the Exceptional Child
  • Psy 313: Abnormal Psychology
  • Psy 601: Orientation to the Profession
  • Psy 615: Ethical and legal Standards in Counseling
  • Psy 618: Social and Cultural Foundations of Counseling
  • Psy 620: The Helping Relationship in Counseling
  • Psy 633: Counseling Theories and Methods I
  • Psy 635: Assessment and Evaluation in Counseling
  • Psy 639: Human Growth and Personality Development
  • Psy 653: Multicultural Counseling
  • Psy 671: Counseling Theories and Methods III
  • Psy 675: Community Agencies and Resources


Educational Background:

University of Michigan

  • BA Psychology

Upsala College

  • MS Counseling and Student Personnel Services

Rutgers University

  • Ed.D.  Counseling Psychology



New Jersey License for Practice as a Psychologist


Research Interests:

  • Multicultural and diversity issues and concerns in Counseling


Professional Interests:

Clinical Supervision         

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Multicultural and Diversity issues

Behavioral Medicine

Minority Graduate Education and Persistence



  • Scott, V. D. (2003)  Psychological Tests in Behavioral Sciences, OJZ Sahler & JE Carr (eds) WB Saunders. New York.
  • Scott, V.D. & Gallagher, A.H.(2000) Counseling Across Cultures: Issues for Consideration in  Counseling African-American Clients. New Jersey Psychologist.
  • Scott, V.D. (1983) Correlations Between Locus of Control and Grade Point Average for a Disadvantage College Student Sample. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, Rutgers University, New Brunswick


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