Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

The Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership at the College of Saint Elizabeth is designed to prepare globally conscious and morally purposeful servant leaders for district leadership roles in Pre-K to 12th grade settings. The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership combines theoretical knowledge and practical application in an authentic school setting using the student's professional experience in school leadership. It is a sequenced 66-credit program to be completed during a three-year time frame.


  • Students will complete all courses as a cohort (a group of approximately 20 students who progress through the program by taking all of their classes together).
  • Students will function as members of teams and work collaboratively on the study, collection, and analysis of data and the development of research-based solutions to educational problems. Research teams will extend beyond the College to the larger community.
  • The program meets N.J. requirements for certification as School Administrator (i.e. superintendent). The foundation of the program is aligned with the New Jersey Professional Standards for School Leaders (NJPSSL).
  • Students will receive personal attention and service from College departments at times that are convenient for working adults.
  • Flexible hours for advisement, registration, and career counseling are available to fit in with students' busy schedules.


Upon completion of the doctoral program the students will be able to:

  • Commit to and act upon the principles of servant leadership.
  • Evaluate the role of servant leaders as stewards of both human and fiscal resources.
  • Demonstrate their role to prepare both themselves and the learning community to build a just society.
  • Identify, promote, and sustain high performance learning communities.
  • Analyze and articulate the individual and social purposes of education.
  • Apply research methodologies for systemic improvement of schools and other educational communities and institutions.


Students applying for admission must present the documentation listed below to a selection committee comprised of Department of Education faculty. This committee will assess the documentation based upon the New Jersey Professional Standards for School Leaders (NJPSSL).

  • An M.A. in Educational Leadership or related field
  • Evidence of leadership experience including Certification as Principal and/or Supervisor
  • Outstanding academic success in prior graduate work including an official transcript from all undergraduate and graduate colleges/universities attended. Courses taken at colleges in countries outside the United States must be evaluated by WES (World Education Services) for a course-by-course evaluation. For additional information on certified university record translations, students should contact WES at 800-937-3895 or by email at info@wes.org.
  • Proof of writing ability, as evidenced by a professional or academic document or publication
  • One letter of recommendation from a college/university professor attesting to candidate's ability to perform a high level of academic work in the program
  • Two letters of recommendation attesting to professional competency (in addition to the one letter from college/ university professor)

The final step in the admission process will be a successful interview with a faculty committee.


Year One

  • EDAS 701 Essential Competencies for Doctoral Studies (3)
  • EDAS 705 Servant Leadership (3)
  • EDAS 715 Emerging Perspectives on District Level Leadership (3)
  • EDAS 725 Education Public Policy Development and Advocacy (3)
  • EDAS 720 Seminar and Clinical Project I (3)
  • EDAS 716 Sustaining High-Performing Learning Communities (3)
  • EDAS 730 Educational Leadership in a Global Society (3)
  • EDAS 735 Seminar and Clinical Project II (3)

Year Two

  • EDAS 741 Colloquium in Educational Leadership I (6)
  • EDAS 745 Education Finance and Strategic Thinking (3)
  • EDAS 765 Governance and Community Relations (3)
  • EDAS 750 Action Research Dissertation (3)
  • EDAS 755 School Law and Ethics (3)
  • EDAS 780 Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations (3)
  • EDAS 775 Dissertation Proposal Seminar (3)

Year Three

  • EDAS 781 Colloquium in Educational Leadership II (6)
  • EDAS 785 Dissertation Advisement I (6)
  • EDAS 790 Dissertation Advisement II (6)


  • 3.25 grade point average
  • Two clinical projects related to the development design of the action research dissertation
  • Completion of three semesters of internship experiences
  • Action research dissertation study and oral dissertation defense


We are now accepting applications for Cohort 8, which starts in July 2014.

Contact Information

Sister Teresa A. Bruno, SC, Ed.D.
Phone: (973) 290-4341
Email: tbruno@cse.edu
Office: Santa Maria, Room 16