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Adapting to Campus Dining Food Allergy Eating Healthy
Lactose Intolerance Meal Planning Guidelines Sports Nutrition
Weight Management High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol
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I understand that the Center for Nutritions nutrition counseling service is a training program and that nutrition counseling will be provided by Dietetic Interns under the supervision of a Registered Dietitian.

I understand that my relationship with my nutrition counselor is considered confidential and that the information will not be released without my written consent. I also understand that the issues that I am working on with my nutrition counselor might be discussed in supervisory sessions with the instructor and other dietetic interns but will not be attached to my name in any way. I understand that outcomes information may be collected for the purpose of student research but will not be attached to my name in any way.

I understand that concerns about suicide, homicide, harm to self or other and/or child abuse may place limitations on confidentiality.

I understand that I may terminate my involvement at any time by notifying my nutrition counselor (dietetic intern) or the Dietetic Internship Faculty.

I understand that after an initial in-person meeting I may elect to have contact with my nutrition counselor (dietetic intern) through electronic means such as e-mail and understand that this method of communication is not secure.

I attest that all information provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

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