World Cultures and Languages Testimonials


Tatiana Pereira, 2011

I became a foreign language major because I knew that it would open doors for me. Knowing more than one language is essential when making connections with other cultures. Spanish, to me, was the first step to meeting other people who spoke a different language besides English. Once I got into the work field, Spanish was very helpful for it allowed me to get a job as a translator.

Natalia Olarte, 2011

I chose to be a Spanish major because I wanted to learn and know more about my native language and culture. I have been using Spanish all my life and have been given great opportunities for knowing Spanish. If you have the chance to learn a new language do not give it up.

Varvara Romanenco, 2010

This program has made me a “global-thinker”, in that I now view and analyze events with broad, highly beneficial perspectives on the economic, political, and cultural interconnections of the many nations around the world. Having combined this major with my business concentration, I am preparing myself to be a competent, successful businesswoman in today’s global economy.

Jessica Hadley, 2009

The Global Studies major has enriched my mind with greater awareness of different languages and cultures, as well as an international perspective on historical events and current politics. As a result of the preparation and knowledge that I received from this program, I had the opportunity to complete a summer internship at a Washington D.C. based international law organization, an experience that I found extremely valuable.

Heysell Brenes, 2008

As part of my Global Studies major, I participated in a semester-long intensive internship program at the United Nations.  I found this an invaluable experience that made me far more aware of international issues, diplomacy, and opportunities for improving the global environment.  This program at the UN opened my eyes to what the international community is capable of when the countries work together.

Giselle Correa, 2005

My love for the Spanish language and culture began when I was a young child. I grew up in a Puerto Rican family where I heard the Spanish language and experienced the customs and traditions. Because of my upbringing, I have always wanted to explore my Spanish heritage. Choosing to become a Spanish major was one of the first steps of truly understanding who I am and where I came from; studying abroad in Spain will be my next step.