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  • Service Learning - DR Trip Article

    CSE senior Rowan Ghaly (top row, second from right) recently went on the annual service trip to the Dominican Republic, and it was "one of the most profound experiences" of her life.
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  • World Cultures & Languages - Zainab Yusofi and Rowan Ghaly

    CSE Global Studies majors, Zainab Yusofi and Rowan Ghaly, learned the inner workings of the United Nations through the highly competitive Semester at the United Nations program at Drew University.
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Program Offerings

The World Cultures and Languages program awards a B.A. in Global Studies, a B.A. in Spanish, and a minor in French. Designed to foster fluency in other languages and cultures, the programs encourage trans-cultural understanding and communication grounded in a better understanding of self. Embracing the College's mission, the program encourages students to learn through example and participation, and to seek answers to the difficult questions of our time.


  • B.A. in Global Studies

    1. Two Global Studies streams: Places, Cultures, Languages; and Places, Traditions, Histories
    2. Combines language, history, politics and economics to assess global complexities
    3. Acquire knowledge and skills on global interactions based in media and technology
    4. Internship and study abroad opportunities to broaden perspectives of other cultures
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  • B.A. in Spanish

    1. Language and cultural proficiency to include translation and interpretation
    2. Often combined with business, education, or social sciences for career paths
    3. Fosters communication and understanding in a global society
    4. Interdisciplinary program allows cooperation with other departments and campuses
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  • Minor in French

  • Minor in Global Studies

  • Minor in Spanish


Students of the World Cultures and Languages program are better able to navigate our global world and represent themselves across cultures. Students gain direct experience in cultural knowledge and linguistic translation, preparing them for today's complex and interconnected social and institutional networks.


Our graduates have an edge in multicultural workplaces, and are effective communicators and translators. They are prepared for careers in politics, international business, travel and tourism, and careers with governmental agencies. Many of our graduates have gone on to study business or law, or have gone on to careers in international media.

Student Stories

Zainab Yusofi

2014, Global Studies

"I believe I have a chance to make change and focus on being a powerful woman."

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Faculty Spotlight

Alexander Murzaku

Professor Alexander Murzaku, a recent winner of a grant from the Italian Ministry of Education's “Messageri della Conoscenza” program, will teach a summer course in Computational Linguistics and Text Mining at the University of Calabria. The program's initiative is aimed at sharing knowledge, expertise and technical solutions, and supporting research, national development and internationalization at Italian universities.

Contact Information

Dr. Alexander Murzaku
Phone: (973) 290-4330
Office: Santa Maria Hall
4th Floor, Room 48