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1992 Mother Xavier Award Recipient

1992 Mother Xavier Award Recipient

Since graduating and moving to California, Fran has been active in social work and child-advocacy endeavors. She is a specialist and consultant on infant development, early-childhood, and exceptional-children issues.

Fran has been Chairperson of the California Division for Early Childhood, a public policy group. She is also the founder (in 1974) and current Chairperson of the Infant Development Association. She also chairs the public-policy oriented Los Angeles County Child Care Planning Committee.

In 1987 Fran received the Frank D. Lanterman Award from the California Association for Retarded Citizens, and in 1992 was the recipient of the Mother Xavier Award. Fran has organized reunions for alumnae living in California.

At CSE, Fran says, she "learned skills to cope with a wide range of situations in all different types of organizations."