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Dr. Timothy Matovina

Workshop 1 – Sacred Memories: The Treasure of Catholic Faith in the United States

Afternoon Only

The U.S. Catholic story is a tale of triumph and tragedy, unity and diversity, struggle and endurance, heroes and saints. This Workshop will introduce key elements of the rich United States Catholic heritage and its significance for spirituality, discipleship, and mission today.

Dr. Matovina is Professor of Theology and Executive Director of the Institute for Latino Studies at the University of Notre Dame. He has offered presentations and Workshops on U.S. Catholicism and various theological topics for dioceses, pastoral institutes, and ministry formation programs throughout the United States.

Rev. Jan Michael Joncas

Workshop 2 – Psalms of Lament and Blessing

Morning Only

For centuries Jews and Christians have expressed their human experiences and shaped their spirituality in prayer before God through the poetry of the psalms. Explore the structures of two great categories of the psalms' poetry – laments (individual and communal) and blessings (hymns of praise and thanksgivings). Sing through various settings of both categories."

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Rev. Terry Hershey

Workshop 3 – Live with Intention: Our Wild and Precious Life

Afternoon Only

This is a Workshop for people who love life. And for people who wish to love life but are temporarily stymied. At times we are captives to busyness, disappointment, exhaustion, anger, apathy, an excess of caution, or even a good reputation, and we carry around an unused life – as if life is a savings bond to be withdrawn only when mandatory. This is a Workshop for people:

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Laura Winters

Workshop 4 – Humiliations of the False Self: Images of Dying and Rising in Film

As Thomas Keating writes, "The spiritual journey is not a career or success story. It is a series of humiliations of the false self that become more and more profound." In this interactive Workshop, we will view clips of contemporary and classic films from the U.S. and around the world that reveal, describe, and explore characters who must let go of self-definitions, careers, and loved ones in order to move forward in their lives. We will further consider how these moments from film speak to our own lives.

Dr. Winters is professor of English at the College of Saint Elizabeth, where she has taught literature, writing, and film for 31 years. For 21 years, she has been teaching in the graduate school at Drew University, where she was named Professor of the Year at the 2012 Commencement ceremony. She has recently used poetry as prompts for bearing witness and paying tribute in writing Workshops for bereavement groups for families of firefighters lost in the line of duty, families of suicides, and families who lost loved ones on 9/11. Laura is the editor for the Willa Cather Series at FDU Press and a regular presenter at the Visual Arts Center of NJ.

Dolores Clerico, SSJ

Workshop 5 – Choose Life!

The raising of Lazarus prepares us to understand the death and resurrection of Jesus, the central event which offers us fullness of life. Our lifelong movement into this fullness of life cannot bypass the daily dyings which are part of human existence. The paradox of Jesus and of our own lives is that choosing to surrender in love ultimately leads to freedom, new life, and deepening unión with God and others right here, right now! This Workshop will offer an opportunity to reflect on ordinary human experience and God's invitation to choose life!

Sis. Dolores is a Sister of Saint Joseph currently living in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Her ministry experiences have included urban education, diocesan family life ministry, adult formation, parish ministry and service within her religious congregation. Presently, Sister Dolores is a frequent speaker, Workshop presenter, and retreat facilitator, as well as a spiritual director.

Christopher de Vinck

Workshop 6 – The Power of the Powerless: A Brother's Lesson of Love

Oliver de Vinck, blind, in bed for 32 years, not having the ability to talk, walk, or comprehend anything, influenced the President of the United States, the Pope in Rome, the Kennedy Family, and Oliver will influence you. Come listen how the weakest among us are the strongest people in our society. Come listen how love is truly at the root of all happiness. Oliver is buried at the Benedictine monastery in Weston, Vermont, yet his spirit will be alive and well as you see how he can change your life.

Christopher De Vinck earned a Doctorate in Education from Columbia University. He is the award-winning author of Simple Wonders, The Power of the Powerless, Only the Heart Knows How to Find Them, Songs of Innocence and Experience, and Moments of Grace, among others. He has written features for Reader's Digest, Guideposts, and the New York Times.

Rev. Daniel Joyce, SJ

Workshop 7 – Pope Francis – The Ignatian Foundation for Franciscan Principles: Using His Pastoral Theology as a Guide for Ministry

Jorge Mario Begologlio. S.J. has brought new energy and focus to the new evangelization. Preaching the gospel with few words and many actions is a symbol of the renewal Pope Francis inspires with a church agenda that seems to echo the principles of Saint Francis of Assisi. However, the foundation of his pastoral approach is grounded in his spirituality formed by the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius. Father Daniel Joyce S.J. will offer a reflective summary of how Pope Francis has influenced pastoral theology in the first year of his pontificate.

Rev. Joyce is Assistant to the Vice President of Mission and Identity at Saint Joseph's University, Affiliate Faculty in Theology and a Senior Fellow in the Center for Urban Catholic Education. He also serves as a Senior Fellow in The Program for Research on Religion and Urban Civil Society at the University of Pennsylvania.

Mary Bertani

Workshop 8 – Untie Him and Let Him Go!

Having raised Lazarus from the dead, Jesus commands those in the crowd to untie him - and let him go, a powerful, yet all too familiar Lenten Gospel. But while every Gospel story speaks of "then," it also tells of "now." Scripture engages us on many levels - the personal, the interpersonal, and the social, the three dimensions of human experience. What if we were to look more deeply into the story of Lazarus on each of those levels? Who might "Lazarus" be today? Who are the "bound" in today's neighborhood and world? Who are those in need of renewed life? And how are we being called to answer Jesus' command to untie those bound and to let them go? We will look at this and some other Scripture passages in light of the Church's social teaching and the challenge to live a faith engaged with the realities of today's world - where we both weep and dance!

Mary Bertani holds advanced degrees in Pastoral and Family Ministry from Fordham, and in Marriage and Family Therapy from Seton Hall. A licensed therapist, she is also a certified spiritual director. She has been a pastoral minister on diocesan and parish levels for twenty-five years in the areas of adult formation, leadership, and spirituality. More recently her own journey has brought her to the social dimensions of the Gospel and to a spirituality increasingly grounded in the realities of our time.

Marguerite Stapleton

Workshop 9 – Wisdom, Age and Grace

This is a familiar trilogy from Luke's Gospel (2:57) and can easily be applied to those who are experiencing the elder years. This session will give participants the opportunity to examine wisdom as a grace of aging while identifying our wisdom mentors, exploring our own inner wisdom, and celebrating this wisdom life stage of our lives. There will be time for presentation, integrative silence, and sharing.

Marguerite Stapleton is a Consultant providing resources for individuals, groups and organizations through Wisdom Works. She loves to engage people in reflective conversations which allow them to access their own wisdom and knowledge and apply it to life's challenges.

Marguerite served as the Vice-President for Mission Effectiveness at St. Mary's Health System from 1993-2009. Prior to that, she was the Pastoral Associate at St. Philip's Parish in Auburn, ME. She has given Workshops and conferences throughout the US and Canada.

Marguerite did her undergraduate work at Immaculata College and received her master's degree at the University of Illinois. She has done further graduate study in Theology at Villanova University and Boston College.

Rev. Charles Cicerale

Workshop 10 – What Death Cab Teach Us About Living

Join me as we create a safe space to explore our ideas and the Church's teaching about death/resurrection, the paschal mystery, hope, joy, life after death and "proof of heaven." Accepting death as part of life, we can move toward living in the freedom of the children of God, and "practice resurrection" daily. Through poetry, song, saints, Scripture and the words of Pope Francis, we'll explore a personal workable understanding/acceptance of death and own: "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." (Jn. 1:5)

Ten concepts about death will be presented to assist us to embrace a personal peace with this part of our life and move from fear/anxiety/apprehension to acceptance, and a deeper communion with the risen Christ. This is not a Workshop for the faint of heart, but for an adventurer/disciple. Are you willing to "…let Christ take possession of your life and change it, transform it and free it…?" (Pope Francis).

Rev. Cicerale is Pastor of St. James Catholic Community in Woodbridge. He holds Master's degrees in Theology, Social Work and Marriage/Family Systems Counseling. A priest for 38 years, Fr. Charlie has ministered in hospitals, prisons and for five years in formation of priests at Theological College, the seminary of Catholic University. He served as the first vocation director of the Diocese of Metuchen, ministering to the priests & deacons for 12 years.

Pat Stein

Workshop 11 – My Spirit Within You: Meditation as a Practice for Inner and outer Transformation

Spiritual leaders from every tradition and healthcare practitioners all over the world offer concrete evidence of the power of meditation. This simple practice can help us bring peace and vitality back into our lives. It can also help us to awaken to our deepest selves, where God calls us to new life. Together we will explore meditation as a mind-body-spirit practice to quiet our minds and bring our awareness to the present moment, where God dwells in us and all is possible. No prior experience is required – just an openness to the present experience.

Pat Stein has practiced and studied meditation for over thirty years. His teachers span across the interfaith landscape, to include Buddhist monks from Thailand, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan; a Hindu Swami; a professor of comparative religion; and a Chassidic Rabbi. For the last four years, Pat has been teaching meditation at the Carol Simon Cancer Center in Morristown, NJ to cancer patients, caregivers and staff. He is a frequent teacher of meditation at the College of Saint Elizabeth, and has recently been leading meditation class for the Lifelong Learning Center at Farleigh Dickinson, as well.

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